Standard hydro-seeding is widely used for lawns in residential, commercial, and urban seeding.  Hydro-seeding typically cost 50-80% less than sod and can be completed more efficiently than hand-seeding with a more uniform coverage.  The lawn quality of a hydro-seeding application is healthier, greener and longer lasting than sod or hand-seeding applications.  Hydro-seeding avoids the transplanting shock of sod because of different soil types and holds the moisture better than sod or hand seeding to provide better seed germination.  Hydro-seeding is ideal for the residential lawns, athletic fields to road side vegetation.

Application Rate is typically between 1500 to 2000 lbs.
Products: Central Fiber’s Second Nature Cellulose Fiber (commonly called paper mulch)
Central Fiber’s Second Nature Wood Fiber Blend (commonly called wood/paper blend)
Central Fiber’s Second Nature Wood Fiber (commonly called wood mulch)


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