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Geotextile & Erosion Control Experts

As a trusted supplier of EPA compliant geosynthetics and geogrid products, Coleman Moore offers customers sound solutions for their erosion control needs.

For over a decade, Coleman Moore Company has been serving Iowa and the Midwest with the best products and recommendations in erosion control and geosynthetics. We supply geotextile, erosion control, soil amendment, and stormwater management products, which are needed in projects such as constructing new roadways, restoring poor soils, and so much more. These products are necessary to ensure our roads, soil, and water remain safe and clean. 

While Coleman Moore is an Exclusive Iowa Distributor of Tensar TriAx, we also supply other brands, such as Propex, American Excelsior Company, Profile, and more. When a client presents with a problem or project, we recommend the product that will be the best fit. We also understand the importance of budgets, so we help you weigh your options by assessing your priorities to find the right solution for your erosion control and geotextile needs. You can learn more about the products we offer and their benefits, which includes remaining compliant with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). 

Browse through the different erosion control, geotextile, soil amendment, and water quality products we offer.



Solutions that can save you time and money while helping you remain compliant with the EPA, including geogrids and geotextiles.

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Erosion & Sediment Control

Erosion & Sediment Control

Products that prevent erosion from occurring during construction, including concrete structures, sediment logs, and turbidity curtains.

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Soil Amendments

Soil Amendments

Find the right products to provide long-term solutions to improve erosion control for areas of poor soil and vegetation.

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Water Quality

Water Quality

Protect water quality with the most effective water treatment products on the market, including water washout bags and filtration tanks.

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What You Can Expect From Us

Every customer we meet will receive the same level of expertise and quality in our service and solutions. Our customers include engineers, architects, contractors, municipalities, regulatory agencies, DNRs, DOTs, and more.

What Makes It a Solution?

  • Initial Strategic Site Evaluations

  • Brand & Product Analysis

  • Comprehensive Cost-Benefit Analysis

  • Design Assistance & Evaluation

  • Product Installation Consultation

What Makes Coleman Moore an Expert?

  • Over a decade in the field

  • Customers across the Midwest nation

  • Transparency

  • Products offerings with 3rd-party testing

Environmental Solutions 

It’s our mission to offer solutions to your erosion control and geotextile needs so that you may remain compliant with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).


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