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Coleman Moore Company offers hydroseeding solutions; turf reinforcement mats from brands like Propex, American Excelsior, and Huesker; Curlex® erosion control blankets; Shorejax; sediment logs; turbidity curtains; Nedia Enterprises’ coir fiber logs; ages mud mats; a variety of inlet protection devices; and Landmark’s ScourStop™. Explore our product offerings, and contact us to learn more!

Erosion Control Products

When searching for the most effective erosion control product to use for your project, there are important factors to consider first. What is the current condition of the soil in question? What are the flow rates? What is the scope of your project? When you come to Coleman Moore, we will help you determine the proper erosion control product for your specific application and project goals.


At Coleman Moore, we offer three types of hydroseeding products: Standard Hydroseeding Mulch, Mechanically Bonded Fiber Matrix and Bonded Fiber Matrix. We know the best applications for this product and how it will benefit you in the long-run.

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Turf Reinforcement Mats

We offer different lines of Propex, American Excelsior, and Huesker turf reinforcement mats (TRMs) to ensure that our customers find the one that fits their individual application and budget needs. Learn more about the benefits of using TRMs for erosion control.

Propex® Turf Reinforcement Mats we offer include:

  • Landlok® 1st generation turf reinforcement mats
  • Landlok® 2nd generation turf reinforcement mats
  • Pyramat® high performance turf reinforcement mats

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Erosion Control Blankets

We supply the Curlex® line of erosion control blankets from American Excelsior Company. These blankets are biodegradable and available in single- and double-netted straw and wood to stabilize soils on slopes and to protect dislodgement of seed.

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Protect and stabilize your river and stream banks with shorejax, available at Coleman Moore Company. These concrete structures are proven to provide an immovable barrier, allowing for vegetation growth to provide a solid but also natural erosion control barrier.

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Sediment Logs

Check out this easy-to-use and environmentally-friendly erosion control products. The sediment logs we supply are great to use on steep slopes, site perimeters, drainage outlets, and more situations where water flows might be present.

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Turbidity Curtains

When you’ve got a construction project near a body of water, be sure to use a turbidity curtain to protect the clarity and cleanliness of the water. These curtains contain and stop migration of sediment into the surrounding body of water.

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Coir Fiber Logs

Coleman Moore Company has partnered with Nedia Enterprises to supply their coir fiber logs. These logs are made from the husks of coconuts to provide added strength and durability. Coir logs help stabilize shorelines while providing an excellent home for establishing vegetation.

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Ages Mud Mats

Don’t let your construction trucks and equipment get stuck in the mud anymore. With a mud mat, you can safely reinforce any muddy surface or protect sensitive turf when getting to and around your construction site.

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Inlet Protection Devices

Protect your stormwater drains with the best inlet protection devices in the industry available at Coleman Moore. Our inventory includes FlexStorm from Advanced Drainage Systems, EZ-Catch by Flo-Water, and Wimco’s Road Drain Curb & Gutter.

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Road Drain Curb & Gutter

Wimco’s Road Drain Curb & Gutter system prevents dirty stormwater and sediment from contaminating the water supply in sewers. With its patented design, this system catches the stormwater and loose sediments, keeping it out of our rivers and lakes and off our roadways.


Improve your scour protection process with Landmark’s ScourStop™, available at Coleman Moore Company in Des Moines. This low-maintenance, low-cost, and longer lasting solution for preventing erosion.


ScourStop™ is used in a variety of applications where rock riprap is thought to be the best solution for stopping scour and erosion. ScourStop™ is available from Coleman Moore.

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Grasspave2 grass pavers allow designers to implement functions of asphalt or concrete paving with the look of a lawn. This product boasts comprehensive strength of 15,940 psi, making it ideal for use in trafficked areas like an overflow parking lot, fire lanes, event parking, and more.

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Gain permanent erosion prevention with Flexamat, individual 5000 psi concrete blocks attached together with a high-strength polypropylene bi-axial geogrid interlocked to prevent lateral displacement. Underlayment options include both a Curlex II (wood excelsior) and combination of Curlex II and Recyclex TRM-V matting. Flexamat eliminates the need for rip rap and allows for vegetation to grow.

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