At Coleman Moore, we supply Nedia Enterprises Coir Fiber Logs for a variety of applications. These renewable products are made from coconut fibers, a natural by-product of the coconut industry. They have the highest strength and durability compared to their other natural fiber counterparts.

The coir is made of the fibers produced from curing coconut husks in fresh water for a period of time. This process is what makes the fibers stronger, more durable, and more flexible. The coir fiber is then shaped into a log and placed in and around construction sites and along shorelines. They can be installed and then be plugged with selected plants or they can be vegetated prior to installation in order to reinforce shorelines and slopes with natural vegetation, helping with wave protection and erosion. Coir fiber is also an effective sediment control solution because it filters the sediment from water run-off. These logs are often used with a hard armor solution to make that transition from water to land more seamless and effective.

Benefits of Using Coir Fiber Logs

Coir fiber logs are completely natural and biodegradable, so when you’re done with construction, you can leave the logs in place, making them cost-effective and environmentally-safe! They are easy to use and install on your construction sites. They allow for easy plant growth to restore shorelines and reinforce slopes along riverbanks.

Common Applications for Coir Fiber Logs

Coir fiber logs are used:

  • To construct or restore wetlands

  • In waterways and ditches

  • For shoreline stabilization

  • For lakescaping

  • For stream shore restoration and stabilization

  • In stormwater ponds

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