With Grasspave2, root systems and vegetation is protected while structure is provided to support large amounts of weight. This means the grass won’t suffer root death from compaction due to large amounts of weight placed on it (such as vehicles). In fact, root development is protected and encouraged due to the high void spaces within the cross-sections of Grasspave2. Those cross-sections also allow for more rainfall storage and movement, decreasing puddling.

The technology behind Grasspave2 is simple, but effective. The product is presented as a series of cylinders (rings) that are interconnected on a grid system that allows for the transfer of weight evenly while also stabilizing the area. Since Grasspave2 grid system comes in a roll, transportation and application are simple. The latest version of Grasspave2 boasts a higher comprehensive strength—15,940 psi. That means any street-legal vehicle (and even larger vehicles) can be on surfaces protected with Grasspave2 without causing damage.

Once installed, Grasspave2 has the ability to support 5,700 psi safely. Because of the cylindrical shapes within the grid, heavy loads can be supported more easily without using unnecessary amounts of plastic. In fact, there’s a 92% void area left open, which aids in root development. Because less plastic is used to engineer Grasspave2, cost is kept lower.

Benefits of Grasspave2:

  • Easy to ship and install

  • Protect and enhance the environment

  • Total grass coverage

  • Allows for tree growth in parking areas

  • Reduces heat reflection, creating cooler surfaces

  • 92% void space to promote healthy root development

Common Applications of Grasspave2

  • Fire lanes

  • Overflow parking lots

  • Driveways

  • Walking trails

  • Bicycle paths

  • Golf courses

  • Horse trails

  • Garden paths

  • Utility access

  • Handicap parking

  • Emergency access

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