Protect the safety and cleanliness of your storm drains with inlet protection devices that will trap sediment and keep it out of your water supply. Rather than facing downtime on your construction site due to flooding from nearby storm drains, these inlet protection devices will effectively drain stormwater while preventing lifted soils from contaminating the water.

Wimco Road Drain Curb & Gutter

Ensure your construction continues without facing drain overflow after heavy rainfall with the Wimco Road Drain Curb & Gutter system. This patented product has a unique curved back that blocks stormwater and sediment from entering storm sewers, forcing the water into the Wimco box. The standpipe in the box is what keeps roads from getting flooded during and after rainfall.

It is important to note that Wimco’s Road Drain Curb & Gutter is not a stand-alone best management practice for sediment and water control and is instead meant to work with other sediment control products on-site.

Benefits of Using the Road Drain Curb & Gutter

The Wimco Road Drain Curb & Gutter is a durable and reliable safety measure for your stormwater sewers that will ensure flooding will not occur in your roadways. Other benefits of using the Road Drain Curb & Gutter include:

  • Easy to maintain

  • Visible while in use and out of the way from traffic

  • Non-intrusive installation

  • Reusable

  • Flexible to fit most castings

FleXstorm from Advanced Drainage Systems

Advanced Drainage Systems’ FleXstorm line of inlet protection devices is flexible for your application, whether you need a temporary solution for the duration of your construction project or require something more permanent to control water runoff on roads. These systems can fit any type of drainage structure, including curb inlets, drop inlets, and round inlets. You can also customize the filter bag of your FleXstorm system for the amount of filtering you need for you application.

Common Applications for FleXstorm

FleXstorm systems are perfect for:

  • Temporary inlet protection

  • Job site erosion control

  • Stormwater filtration

EZ-Catch by Flo-Water

EZ-Catch from Flo-Water is a reusable, below-grate inlet protection device. Flo-Water’s products have a 15% greater filtering efficiency than what is accepted by industry standards. This protects the environment by filtering contaminated runoff—keeping unwanted elements out of stormwater. The EZ-Catch system sits inside storm drains just under the grate to catch and trap all sediment and contaminants carried by stormwater or construction water runoff.

Each EZ-Catch system includes an adjustable frame to fit your storm drain application.

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