Landmark’s ScourStop™, available at Coleman Moore Company in Des Moines, is a vegetated alternative to riprap for scour protection. Scour typically occurs as a result of strong water flow, which often loosens and lifts the soil below and in turn increases the chance for soil erosion. ScourStop™ is high in tensile strength and permanent durability for long-lasting and effective scour protection.

Other benefits of using ScourStop™ include:

  • Safe application process & use

  • Lower costs in maintenance

  • Longer lasting

  • NPDES-compliant

ScourStop™ Applications

ScourStop™ is used in a variety of applications where rock riprap is thought to be the best solution for stopping scour and erosion. However, riprap is not only unsightly but can be a nuisance and even dangerous to maintain. It can also be a hazard for vehicles should they go off the roadway into the rocky riprap. ScourStop™, instead, is a safer alternative with lower maintenance requirements that last longer along with being more aesthetically pleasing. Common applications where Scourstop™ is an effective solution include culvert outlets, weir overflow areas, stream banks, highway, and parking lot pavement runoff and channels.

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