Rather than facing the clean-up and frustration that often comes from using a silt fence as your source of sediment control, consider using a sediment log instead!

Sediment logs are an environmentally-friendly alternative made up of porous, interlocked fibers that allow water to pass through it rather than under it. It catches any lifted soil on one side while the water passes through on the other, also reducing the pace of waterflow. Sediment logs are durable solutions for your erosion control needs and, as a result, more cost-effective since they won’t require repairs or replacements as often as silt fences or bales.

Other logs we supply at Coleman Moore Company include:

Common Applications of Sediment Logs

Sediment logs are often used to control sediment, preventing it from eroding, as well as reducing the energy of water flow along the topsoil. Some typical applications when sediment logs are used include:

  • Curb and drainage outlets

  • Steep slopes

  • Site perimeters

  • Ditch bottoms and waterways

  • Over bare soils and turf reinforcement mats

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