Permanently prevent erosion and encourage vegetative growth with ShoreFlex, a concrete block erosion control mat.

Because vegetation is allowed to grow over ShoreFlex, it can be hidden, and once grass grows, ShoreFlex can actually be mowed. This high strength geogrid consists of a matrix of 4000 psi concrete blocks measuring 6.5” x 6.5” x 2.25” and spaced 1.5” apart. These blocks are attached to a mat, which comes in a roll, making any handling and installation easy. When the mat is unrolled, it can be permanently anchored to with stand velocities of 30 feet per second and shear stresses of 18 pounds per square feet.

ShoreFlex can be installed to protect pipe and culvert inlets/outlets, channel side slopes, and more. It can be used in designs of riverbanks, letdown channels, culvert outlets, and curb inlets. Because it’s easier to maintain than rock protection applications, shoreline protection, roadside channels, and detention basins can now be aesthetically pleasing. Depending on soil types and seeding applications, ShoreFlex can be fitted with various backings, such as straw matting, to a non-woven geotextile to ensure any project’s success.

Benefits of ShoreFlex

  • Eliminates erosion

  • Environmentally friendly

  • Easy to install

  • Outperforms rock

  • Easy to maintain

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  • Several erosion control uses (e.g. slope protection, curb inlets, let down channels, river banks, pipeline protection, parking pads)

Common Applications of ShoreFlex

  • Boat ramps

  • Roadside channels

  • Detention basins

  • Curb inlets

  • Bridge abutment

  • Shoreline

  • River banks

  • Pipeline production

  • Slope protection

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