Shorejax have been proven over time and various applications to provide a flexible, non-eroding barrier for soil systems in rivers, streams, and other bodies of water.

Shorejax systems are concrete structures that come in various sizes, forming a matrix with an open space that provides the erosion barrier for streambank stabilization and scour protection. Marine life are able to habitate this open space if shorejax are applied as a reef, or the void could be filled with healthy soils and planted with vegetation. These erosion barriers provide a more natural way to restore streambanks and promote vegetation along rivers and streams.

Our 24” shorejax systems are the most commonly used locally. When the shorejax are installed, they are seated together to make one uniform structure that is capable of withstanding much greater flows than rock riprap. Where riprap migrates, shorejax won’t.

Common benefits of using shorejax for erosion control include:

  • Bank stabilization

  • Waterflow control

  • Scour protection

  • Artificial reefs

  • Breakwaters

  • Habitat development

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