When preparing your site for construction in water or on or near a shoreline, be sure to use a turbidity curtain to protect the clarity of the water nearby.

Turbidity curtains are flexible barriers that prevent silt and sediment on a shoreline, disturbed during construction or mining work, from contaminating the water. Instead, they contain the sediment in a limited area, allowing it to settle before being carried into an adjacent pond, lake, or stream. The curtains are suspended in the water and float, creating a protective wall between the shoreline and waterline. The turbidity curtains we supply at Coleman Moore Company come in 5-foot,10-foot, and 15-foot depths.

Turbidity curtain brands we supply at Coleman Moore include:

  • Enviro-USA

Common Applications of Turbidity Curtains

  • Dredging operations

  • Marine construction jobs

  • Roadside construction work

  • Restoration projects

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