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Make the planning stages of your project easier and more efficient by considering our line of geosynthetic products. From Geotextiles to Cellular Confinement, we have product solutions that will save you time and money and for years to come. Explore our geosynthetics below.

American Road Patch™

Today’s current road repair methods do not address the cause of the problem – keeping water out. Traditional repair methods use only fills, which are temporary at best. American Road Patch™ is the solution! Take the extra step now and avoid repeat repair work later.

American Road Patch™ installed

Tensar® TriAx® Geogrid

The Tensar® TriAx® Geogrid surpasses its predecessor, the Tensar BX Geogrids, in efficiency, stability, and lifespan for your roadways, paved or unpaved. This affordable geogrid option has proven its strength in a variety applications.


Reinforce retaining walls and sloped land with the best geogrid systems in the industry, available at Coleman Moore. With a variety of brands to suit your needs, we can recommend the right solution for the job.


From our non-woven to our woven geotextiles, the Coleman Moore team offers expert recommendations so that you get the best geotextile option for your application that will also meet your long-term needs and budget.

Cellular Confinement

Explore our Cellular Confinement products for your next construction project. From slope reinforcement to soil stabilization, we can recommend the right geosynthetic solution for these critical applications.


Learn about FORTA-FI, an asphalt fiber reinforcement product that provides durability and strength to ensure the service life of pavement is longer. By allowing forces on asphalt to be evenly distributed, stress and fatigue is reduced greatly.

coleman moore company des moines iowa construction geosynthetics forta fi

Milliken Concrete Cloth

When dealing with sloped surfaces, such as ditches, culverts, berms, and beyond, these Geosynthetic Cementitious Composite Mats (GCCMs) offer flexibility and durability. Concrete Cloths are made of a fabric that’s imbued with concrete. Just add water! These Concrete Cloths are essentially concrete on a roll.

coleman moore company des moines milliken concrete cloth

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