American Road Patch™ Peel and Seal Repair Patch embeds into the roadway forming a waterproof seal, extending the life of repairs. Unlike traditional methods, American Road Patch™ is a cost-effective product that properly contains, strengthens, and seals potholes, cracks, and utility cut repairs.

Benefits of American Road Patch™

  • Easy to apply – no special trucks or equipment needed

  • High-strength fiberglass grid reinforced

  • Bonds to both asphalt or concrete

  • Patented technology

  • Plow resistant

  • Complete repairs without shutting down roadway

Common Applications of American Road Patch™

  • Pothole repair

  • Crack & joint sealing

  • Seal utility cuts

  • Manhole & utility surround

  • Hide/cover unused road markers

  • Seal distressed pavement

  • Protect speed bump edges

  • Fix uneven bridge joints

american road patch getting installed