Soil Compacting Solution

When faced with weak soils subject to erosion or good soils that do not compact well, cellular confinement, or geocells, may be your geosynthetic solution. Made of welded high-density polyethylene strips or Novel Polymeric Alloy, these geocells are filled with soil and work to confine the soil particles from eroding. They compact the particles as well to maintain the overall subgrade strength and keep the soil under the applied load. The geocells form a large mat that spread the load over an extended area to lessen the stress on the soil and aggregate and ensure sustainable soil stabilization.

Cellular confinement is also an effective and cost-saving alternative to aggregate, which does not compact well in small amounts and can be a hassle to transport, especially in large quantities. Instead, cellular confinement, when paired with nonwoven geotextiles, reduce the amount and quality of aggregate required for an effective, strong subgrade.

Coleman Moore proudly supplies Presto GeoWeb and StrataWeb.

Common applications of cellular confinement include:

  • Driveways and parking lots

  • Nature and bike trails

  • Sports fields

  • Emergency vehicle access areas

  • Soil stabilization on flat ground and steep slopes

  • Structural reinforcement for load support and earth retention

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