FORTA-FI® is an innovated synthetic fiber blend reinforcement product that provides high tensile strength for asphalt mixes. Using a three-dimensional reinforcement method, it controls thermal, reflective, and fatigue cracking and is easily applied. By lowering life cycle costs, FORTA-FI® helps transportation agencies reach sustainability objectives.

Ensuring the strongest surface possible, FORTAfied asphalt can help create safer and more durable roads. With FORTA-FI®, asphalt is reinforced without adding to the thickness of roadway—in fact, with FORTA-FI®, the asphalt thickness can be reduced by up to 35% or you can see an increase in the life of FORTAfied asphalt of up to 50%.  

At Coleman Moore, we proudly supply FORTA-FI® because it’s proven to be a cost effective, easy-to-use asphalt reinforcement product. Asphalt with FORTA-FI® has been continuously and extensively lab and field-tested. In these tests, FORTAfied asphalt showed the following results over non-FORTAfied asphalt:

  • Higher crack propagation resistance

  • Strength increase (150%)

  • Increased fracture energy at failure

  • Higher tensile strain at failure

  • Lower thermal cracking (even at 14°F [-10°C])

  • Higher fatigue life

FORTA-FI® helps asphalt distribute forces evenly, making it perfect for airports, interstates, streets, highways, industrial parking lots, and beyond. Because the application is so simple (it can be mixed in drum or batch plants) and it feeds so easily, production time is reduced.

Benefits of FORTA-FI®:

  • Improved tensile strength

  • Resilient modulus

  • Marshall Stability and Flow

  • Higher rutting, thermal cracking, and surface cracking resistance

  • Extended service life of pavement (up to 50%)

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