We offer only the best brands of geogrids for your construction or engineering job, ones that will be flexible and offer headache-free installation. We help our clients get the best results with the geogrids we supply, helping you find which one will best suit the scope of the project and meet your budget.

Biaxial & Triaxial Geogrids

Every project has a different scope and system to work within, whether you’re constructing a new roadway or landfill. Similarly, there are a variety of geogrids with their own sets of specifications. We will help you match the proper geogrid to your reinforcement or erosion control system in order to get the most successful results from your project.

At Coleman Moore, we offer biaxial and triaxial geogrids. They have the ability to separate, reinforce, protect and drain the soil along with increasing its load capacity. The biaxial geogrids lock with the aggregate and spread the load in two directions. Triaxial geogrids, like the Tensar® Triax® geogrid, on the other hand, spread the load in a radial fashion due to the triangular, multi-directional shape of the ribs. They remove any stress from the subgrades that a large load might bare.

Benefits of the Triaxial geogrids we supply include:

  • Lower initial costs due to reduced aggregate or subbase thickness

  • Simplified construction

  • Lowered long-term maintenance costs

  • Increased pavement life

Huesker Fortrac Geogrids

We also offer Huesker® Fortrac® geogrids, typically used in Geosynthetic-Reinforced Soil (GRS) walls and slopes. The use of GRS technology allows the safe construction of steepened, settlement-resistant walls and slopes. Using Fortrac® is a low-cost method to not only avoid downtime on construction but even hasten and simplify the project. This geogrid offers a wide variety of landscaping options for slope faces, proving its 20-year track record of strength and flexibility.

Benefits of Huesker® Fortrac® geogrids include:

  • High tensile strength with low strain

  • Long-term performance

  • Resistant to chemicals in soil, UV radiation, and mechanical damage

  • Simple installation

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To find the right geogrid for your soil application and learn more about the brands we offer, contact our team of geogrid experts. We’re sure we’ll find the right product fits your project.