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When facing poor soils and vegetation in an area where improved erosion control is needed, we have the soil amendment solutions you need. Including Verdyol, Cytogro, Hydretain, and BioChar, contact our team at Coleman Moore to learn which product is right for your application and long-term needs.


Verdyol Biotic Earth™ Black is your solution for poor soils low in organics, especially on sloped and inclined areas. Learn more about this hydraulic growth medium by contacting the Coleman Moore team today.

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Build up your root system and improve plant growth with Cytogro. It is a great solution for areas damaged by drought and other weather extremes along with high traffic, like sports fields, landscaped roadways, parks, and more. Learn more today.

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Reduce the watering requirements while maintaining the health of your vegetation with Hydretain, one of the most effective root zone moisture managers in the industry. Learn more about how it works and its applications to find out if it’s the right solution for you.

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Learn more about our eco-friendly charcoal soil amendment used primarily to improve poor soil conditions and promote vegetative growth. This is a cost-effective and sustainable solution that can meet your application needs. Contact Coleman Moore for a consultation.

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Quantum Growth™

Quantum Growth products are made of microorganisms that naturally occur and live in the vascular system and root zone of a plant to assist in the breakdown, retention, and transportation of water and nutrients. The Quantum Growth series of products contain photosynthetic strains that are able to convert radiant light into energy, allowing more successful plant growth.

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