When faced with regular drought conditions or critical watering needs, you need a hydration system that is cost-effective and easy to manage. Coleman Moore Company offers Hydretain, a concentrated liquid solution that captures and transforms water vapor into liquid particles that water the plants.

How Hydretain Works

Hydretain is a root zone moisture manager that reduces watering requirements by almost 50% for your plants, shrubs, turf, agriculture, and more, therefore minimizing watering costs. It has hygroscopic and humectant components—meaning it attracts moisture then holds it in the soil for the roots of the plant to absorb when water is needed.

When it rains or you water your plants, the moisture is being drawn into the soil and either vaporizes into the atmosphere or is absorbed into the roots to water the plants. Both processes are accelerated by temperature, wind, and rate of growth variants, so if you live in a drier region, hydretain could be watering solution for you. It acts to slow the evaporative process while not interfering with the water absorption in the plants.

When applied in either liquid or granular form, the hydretain forms a sub-surface film that acts as the magnet and storage of moisture that hits the soil. If the roots and overall plants are watered enough, the film stores the moisture particles until they are needed and can be absorbed in the root zone. If the root has adequate moisture, the hydretain lies dormant until additional water is needed; it simply continues to attract water for storage until the roots need more.

Some benefits of using Hydretain include:

  • Minimized watering requirements

  • Extended time between waterings

  • Eco-friendly – does not contain any petrochemicals or phosphates

Hydretain Applications

Hydretain is used anywhere plants can become stressed due to drought conditions or used as part of an irrigation program to minimize watering cost. Hydretain is also used on construction projects where watering and plant growth is critical for contracts to be closed out.

Common applications of Hydretain include:

  • Residential lawns

  • Sports turf

  • Greenhouses

  • Landscapes

  • Agriculture production

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