Quantum Growth products are made of microorganisms that naturally occur and live in the vascular system and root zone of a plant to assist in the breakdown, retention, and transportation of water and nutrients. The Quantum Growth series of products contain photosynthetic strains that are able to convert radiant light into energy, allowing more successful plant growth.

Benefits of Quantum Growth

During construction, the topsoil is typically removed and placed to the side in a large mound. This kills the topsoil’s beneficial microbes. Quantum Growth products are hydrophobic and reintroduce these microbes into the soil, restoring the balance between soil and vegetation. 



By maximizing plant photosynthesis and increasing energy reserve from nutrients, light, and carbon, Quantum-Light increases essential soil biology. Using photosynthetic cultures, Quantum-Light fixes carbon and nitrogen, encouraging plant energy function. Because the product consists of naturally occurring microorganisms, it’s nontoxic and biodegradable.


Utilizing photosynthetic cultures to fix nitrogen, Quantum-VSC joins the core technology of Quantum-Light and Quantum-HSC with spore-forming microbes, which break down accumulated organics, including thatch, black layer, and detritus. Nutrients are released in the breakdown process, making them readily available to aid in plant growth.

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