Concrete washout bags are used when washing out ready-mix trucks, concrete drums, and concrete pumps.

The water that falls from the machines carries concrete particles, and when the water falls to the ground and travels, it can contaminate the surrounding natural resources with concrete runoff. The concrete wash water is toxic to fish and aquatic life and can contaminate drinking water supplies. In order to ensure that water sources remain clean, we recommend our clients use concrete washout bags. They are the best management practice that can prevent water pollution and comply with environmental safety and regulations.

The concrete washout bags we supply at Coleman Moore are made of Polypropylene, which is known for being tough and flexible. They are available in the following sizes:

  • .87 cubic yards

  • 1.62 cubic yards

Once your concrete trucks and pumps are cleaned and the washout has filled the concrete washout bag, you can then transport the entire bag to a landfill or filter out the concrete, which can be brought to a recycling center. Concrete washout bags not only protect the environment but are also a quick and easy solution after every project when your equipment needs a good washing.

Benefits of Using Concrete Washout Bags Include:

  • Protects the environment while allowing you to meet EPA regulatory needs

  • They’re flexible and durable

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