Dewatering bags are designed to control sediment caught in the water flow when water is pumped from a construction site or body of water. When the sediment reaches the dewatering bag, the flow speed is reduced, so the suspended sediment can settle to the bottom of the bag and remain there as more sediment is collected. As the sediment is captured in the dewatering bags, the water flows through the other side of the bag, looking cleaner and clearer.

The dewatering bags are made of fabric high in tensile and tear strength, remaining flexible regardless of the size or scope of your dewatering needs. The dewatering bags we supply at Coleman Moore in Des Moines have proven to be a durable solution for all of our clients’ water quality needs.

Benefits of using dewatering bags in your project include:

  • Easy installation

  • Available in different sizes

  • Low maintenance

When your dewatering bag is half-full of sediment or the flow rate has reduced to an insufficient rate, that is when you will need to replace the bag. These are great short-term solutions for dewatering.

Common Applications for Dewatering Bags

Dewatering silt bags are used for:

  • Dredging operations

  • Construction sites

  • Lagoons

  • Any location looking to retain or filter out materials from water

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