The Road Drain Portable Sediment Containment System from Wimco is a simple and fast solution for your dewatering needs.

Our containment system allows for easy setup and removal without needing complicated water discharge plans. Simply attach the water pump and start collecting the water. This tank filters the sediment and contains it, removing it from the water supply and preventing the potential for pollution or contamination.

Filtration tanks make a great long-term solution when compared to dewatering bags. Rather than having to replace each bag after it fills up, instead you can replace and reuse the filters in the filtration tank. This is a more cost-effective investment if your dewatering needs are more long-term as well as larger in scope.

Additional Benefits of Using the Road Drain Portable Sediment Containment System Include:

  • Easily replaceable and reusable

  • 2-step filter system to prevent clogging

  • Durable sealing gasket

  • Low cast

  • Long-term

  • Easily transportable with wheels

  • Low maintenance and easy clean-up

  • Compact in size

These filtration tanks are most commonly used in construction.

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