Flocculants are an effective solution to remove particles from storm water to ensure even the most minute pieces will be removed.

Flocculants are chemicals used in water treatment that promote flocculation, the process when tiny particles in water are forced to clump and form a floc. The flocculants are the forcing agent in this process, and by making the sediment clump, it will be easier to remove finer pieces of sediment altogether. These fine particles are typically what make water appear cloudy. However, they are too small to be removed through a filtering process, so the flocculants are used to target the smaller particles of sediment.

We offer Biostar-CH products, which facilitate successful water treatment as well as discharge compliance. Their bio-polymer liquid solutions are created from a proprietary chitosan material. This is a non-toxic, non-hazardous, all natural material breaks down quickly in the environment.

Common Applications of Water Treatment Flocculants

Aside from the removal of tiny particles from wastewater, other common applicants when flocculants are used include:

  • Solids removal

  • Water clarification

  • Lime softening

  • Sludge thickening

  • Solids dewatering

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