This Concrete Cloth material can be used as slope stabilization, ditch lining, shoreline armor, culvert invert protection, geosynthetic liner protection, and secondary berm protection. Milliken Concrete Cloth is a flexible, three-dimensional fabric that’s manufactured with cement that hardens with hydration. Concrete Cloth creates a concrete layer that’s durable and can be used in a number of civil infrastructure markets (i.e. oil & gas, landfill, transportation, erosion control, mining).

The material used in Milliken Concrete Cloth contains a low alkaline reserve and has a low wash rate, meaning the ecological impact of using this Concrete Cloth is minimal. This is due largely to the fact that no cement mixing equipment is needed. It’s also easily installed and can be placed vertically, laid down, or even cut into different shapes to create a custom shape. Because there are so many installation methods possible, Milliken Concrete Cloth is an excellent material to use in a variety of construction projects. Since it’s not your average concrete, Milliken Concrete Cloth can be installed in rainy conditions, essentially eliminating downtime that would come from rescheduling.

Benefits of Milliken Concrete Cloth include:

  • Low maintenance

  • Easy application

  • Minimal environmental impact

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